There's affluence of settings and options for Call of Duty Mobile and the best setting depends on how you like to play and the size of your device’s screen. It’s worth test running all the options for optimal gaming experience. For more Call of Duty Mobile Hacks visit

Choose Advanced mode: There are two control methods, simple and advanced that will be displayed at the start of the game. Simple is auto-fire meaning it shoots when you're pointing at someone, meanwhile Advanced Control gives you complete control and it's the best for gaming even if it warrants getting a slight practise. You'll barely get ahead on simple controls.

Configure your controls: From the lobby, select the settings cog and it will lead you to all the settings for the game. In Controls there'll be option for Simple and Advanced, as recommended above, select advanced you have the customise button, tap this and you can drag control rudiments to new positions. Be mindful that Multi-player and Battle Royale have a little different dock, so customise both.

Change the shooting mode: In the same part as above, in Advanced, you can alter how different weapon variants shoot. You can use the hip-fire option, aim down sights (ADS) or select custom. This will allow you change the performance of weapon groups. So, you can fire shotguns from the hip, for instance (which is worth doing).

Change the graphics quality: Your device will robotically detect the settings for your kind of phone at first start, but if you want to alter them in the settings, tap Audio and Graphics. At this screen, you can choose the quality and frame rate, as well as other options. Play around to get the evenest gameplay you can, because when graphics setting is too high will cause you difficulties if it gets erratic.

Adjust the sensitivity: Diverse devices return slightly differently and in Sensitivity you can adjust the settings on how you move also on how sensitive movements are via scopes using the phone's gyroscope. These can also be reformed for multi-player and Battle Royale separately.

Test your settings with Practice vs AI: Go into Multi-player and tap the selection button (just above start) to pick the game form. Here you'll see "practice vs AI". This is an excellent way to test weapons, settings and controls to know how they feel and if it's working for you.

Spectate your friends playing: You can spectate what your in-game friends are doing by heading to your friends list and tapping the eye button, with that you can watch them play in real time.
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